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Saturday, June 9, 2012 • 0 comments

Assalamualaikum stalker ;) teehee Hey and hello too ^.^
Tengs for visit gegerl punya blog ^.^
Sorry post kali ni bukan gegerl yang tulis
tapi ade seseorang yang tulis :)
enjoy k 

Loving someone is amazing,
Loving someone is unimaginable,
Sometimes loves can be sadness or happiness,
Sometimes love can hurt you or cure you,
Sometimes we have to accept the reality,
Sometimes we have to go through the difficulty,

Love need to be cared,
Love need to be cherished,

To love a person, you need to love everything about them.
To love a person, you need to be there with them either sadness or happiness

It can be that the person we loved is not someone we fated for.
Sometimes, the person who fated to be with us some some who cherish us the most and always be with us when we need them the most.

Holiday Timeeeeeeeeeeeeee ^.^
Heyyaa boys and girls , thanks for drop by at my one and only bloggie , hope you guys enjoy *peace*
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